With his solo programme TOBIAS RÜGER ventures into the frontiers of the Saxophone repertoire and sound world. In doing so, he makes use of playing techniques that broaden the expressivity of the instrument such as circular breathing, slap- and flattertounge as well as multiphonics. Multiphonics as applied in the pieces “Rot, streichquartett” and “Der singende Wald” are produced by ‘false’ fingerings in combination with different embouchures. The air-column inside the instrument is disrupted with the astonishing effect of several tones audible simultaneously. Beyond the aspect of harmony many of these sounds are of remarkable sensual beauty. By way of circular breathing the usual disruption of musical flow can be avoided. When inhaling through the nose air is continuously pressed out through the cheeks enabling continuous airflow. This technique is especially effective in pieces like “Moment im Licht” or “Beige, april” which lasts three-and-a-half minutes without any pauses for breathing.

Apart from a his full length solo programme with original compositions, TOBIAS RÜGER also performs selected modern classics such as “In Freundschaft” by KARL-HEINZ STOCKHAUSEN as well as famous flute solo pieces like “Density 21.5” by EDGARD VARÉSE or “Syrinx” by CLAUDE DEBUSSY. By making adaptations he also has made Baroque compositions, including the a-minor partita by JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH, accessible for the saxophone.